Leadership Development & Training
The Leadership Development & Training Ministry is a newly, implemented ministry that allows those interested in serving within the ministry to develop their leadership skills, learn the flow of leadership within the church and to prepare & equip them to enhance the ministry and by utilizing their gifts and talents under the structure and vision of our Pastor.

God's Glorious Girls
God’s Glorious Girls is comprised of the women of Harvest Time and encourages them to be women of virtue, honor and integrity within the ministry and in their homes. Bi-annually, the Harvest Time Women have a women’s conference and brunch, bible studies and various outings

Children's Ministry
The Children’s Ministry is one that is near and dear not only to our Pastor & First Lady, but to the church as a whole. Its primary objective is to teach the “babes in Christ” the fundamental truths about the life, death & resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the historical value of the Bible as we know it and more so. In doing so, our children become equipped to become future leaders not only within the church but within their ... more

Student Ministry
The Triple (AAA) Anointed, Appointed and Approved Student Ministry develops, nurtures and leads our youth, ages 11-21, to become effective, God-fearing leaders within the church, their homes, communities and schools. They also enjoy various outings (bowling and movies) throughout the year.

Men's Ministry
Our Men’s Ministry is responsible for nurturing and leading our men to be strong, courageous and jubilant men of God not only within the church but also within their homes and communities. Throughout the year our men do many activities such as bible studies, prayer breakfasts and attending sporting events.

New Members Ministry
Our New Members’ Ministry is responsible for leading our new members in the right direction when faced with questions regarding ministry, the way in which the church operates and who to contact when interested in working in an auxiliary within the church. Our sessions for orientation are held on the 2nd Saturday of each quarter and generally last 2-3 hours.

Greeters Ministry
The Greeters Ministry is the first line of communication for our special guests when they arrive here at Harvest Time. They greet incoming brothers and sisters with a warm smile and kind words and display the heart of the Pastor and the church to all that enter the building. Greeters help to keep and maintain order during the service as to not disrupt the flow of the Holy Spirit while the Word of God is administered to the people.